Herb Alpert – That’s Where He Went

I was just about to watch Bill Moyers interview with Jon Stewart when the opening underwriters credits (the PBS equivalent of commercials) flashed across the screen. It was the usual group of foundations named after their wealthy benefactors and one corporate underwriter.

Everything was as expected until the name you see on the left flashed. Herb Alpert! Really – Is this the Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Herb Alpert? The “A” of A&M Records. That Herb Alpert?

I am surprised. Was there that much money from A Taste Of Honey and Lee Michaels albums? Guess so.

I’m also surprised, because if Herb can do this, why have I never seen any other show biz types pitching in? You would think, with the political and social activism in Hollywood, someone would want to put their money where their mouth is.

It’s good to see Herb’s name in the public eye again.

2 thoughts on “Herb Alpert – That’s Where He Went”

  1. I TiVo’d this episode and have not seen it yet.. but the previous segment (Buying the War) was FANTASTIC. Gripping viewing.

    You know it’s got to be good when you hear THIS from that idiot Bill OReilly..


    Bill O is such a clown. How he makes me laugh and laugh.

    He can’t touch Bill Moyers, he’s nowhere in the same league.

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