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I found a pair of very inexpensive earphones on EBay. I liked them because they full insert in your ear. We’re talking about a purchase, from Hong Kong, that came to under $11 including shipping!

After a two week boat ride they arrive late last week. I unpacked them, saw they said “Shure” and plugged them in. Not terrible. Not great either.

I’m pretty sure they’re not really Shure.

When I looked at the earphones, one other thing stood out. The right ear bud is connected by nearly three times the lead as the left.

They sound fine. They look weird.

I contacted the EBay seller, who will replace them. But, he wanted to see a photo. That’s only fair.

This is near the top on the ‘weirdosity’ scale.

3 thoughts on “Only On EBay”

  1. Geoff,

    They’re supposed to be like that! You lay the wire around behind your neck instead of in front like the earbuds with even leads. It’s actually quite comfortable and very handy if you carry an .mp3 player in an armband like I do.

  2. Weird? Indeed! It could actually be considered innovative too, I guess! I mean, then the cable could run down your left side and into a pocket, instead of down center. By design or by defect? I have no clue!

    I just recently got into HAM radio (I believe that’s how I found your blog, actually). Having a very small budget, I shopped E-Bay for a radio. My goal was to get an H-T (A HandiTalkie, which many would call a Walkie-Talkie). I ended up finding a brand new radio from Hong-Kong. Including air shipping, it was $90! Compared to the entry-level American radios of about $300! Of course, it’s a hunk of feces, but it met my initial goals. As money becomes available, it will be replaced with something a little better. But, for now it works.

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