The Blooming Continues

Frank, the landscaper, came by last week to reseed parts of our lawn. Much of what sits over our septic system never recovered when the system failed and was rebuilt a few years ago.

Talk about a foreign subject to a city boy: we now have a septic system that could handle the prune growers convention! Trust me – when you store poop under your front yard, you don’t want the system to fail&#185!

We also have a sprinkler system (our 285 foot deep well doesn’t seem to mind supplying the water), which was off for the winter. In order to get the lawn going, I needed it on. I phoned the irrigation service company.

Their recording says, “wait.” I couldn’t.

I left a message saying I was going to do it myself. Amazingly, they came the next day, before I could throw the switch. Oh… they also found a sprinkler head that needed replacement (as they ALWAYS do).

Though the grass is lacking, the color show associated with our flowering trees continues. On our east property line are a few peach and apple trees. As with the others, these came to us in the back seat of my car.

In sixteen years I’ve eaten three peaches and never seen a real apple. I don’t spray – it really is my own fault. I still like having the trees.

Each of the flowering buds I’ve posted in the last week lives a very brief life. Within a few weeks, the most brilliantly colored blooms in our front yard will turn lush and green and fade in with their surroundings.

Right now, I’m enjoying the show.

&#185 – Though not terribly unusual in Connecticut, our sixteen year old house has well water, a septic system and uses oil heat (delivered by one of frequent commenter Woody’s trucks). There are no sidewalks on our street of eight homes.

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  1. Your comment on the “Prune Growers Convention” ranks up there with the swimming pool quote in the next entry. As for flowering tree’s and flowers in general, It appears we won’t see many of them for at least another month here in the “North Country” (Upper State NY). Depressing!

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