Tornado Watch

Tornado Watch in effect. Only a second to type.

These get my blood flowing.

Got to remember to keep it in perspective. Can’t unduly scare. These thoughts constantly in my mind.

I keep hearing the words of my Radar Meteorology professor who reminded us to not zoom in too long.

The ability to examine the storm in detail is alluring. You just don’t want to loose sight of the big picture. That’s among the most valuable weather advice I’ve ever gotten.

I hope this watch produces no storms. Unfortunately, it probably will.

4 thoughts on “Tornado Watch”

  1. Been watching your updates all afternoon. You hit just the right note IMHO. Really calmed me down knowing you were at your post! Thanks!

  2. I agree with Susan above and really like your on line coverage. We have no radio at work so it’s neat to be able to log on and catch your input about the storms and warnings etc. Great job as usual.

  3. We had an MD issued for South-Central WI and were in the slight risk from the SPC, but nothing came of it other than some garden type storms which died with the loss of daytime heating.

    And I was all ready for storms too!

    Now.. If they’d only happen on a day off so I could actually put the spotter’s training to use!


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