Three Words I’ve Never Said Before

I spoke with Steve, my doctor, this evening. It was a very small part of the conversation. Peripheral if you will. Still, I got to say three words about myself I’d never said before.

“Sports related injury.”

My left upper ankle, sore yesterday, is more sore today. I haven’t run since Friday. I’m not sure I can run Monday. It’s all very troubling.

I’m really motivated to get in shape. I wish my body understood.

3 thoughts on “Three Words I’ve Never Said Before”

  1. Geoff- see if you can get into a pool and walk around, jog etc, it will take the weight off your legs and feet and will let you heal quickly. water is an amazing healer.

  2. You can still run Geoff, go to the pool. More workout, half the time, and if you like the water a lot more fun!

  3. I had the same problem – 2 mo.s ago I bumped up my 4 mile walk in the am and began running part of it. I thought I was increasing slowly and got up to 2 miles. I was elated and really enjoying the increased activity (as well as the slimming effects) but then shin splints struck and I had to stop altogether. I am just now getting started again (after purchasing some new & hopefully better shoes). Let’s see if I can regenerate that same enthusiasm. Let me know how it works for you.

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