My MLB Beef

I just sent the following to the Major League Baseball site. It was actually longer at first, but there’s a 500 character limit.

I subscribe to the MLB TV. This year you are running a commercial for MLB merchandise at Dick’s every half inning.

The commercial is much louder than the game audio. If I adjust for the game, I get blasted every half inning. If I adjust for the commercial, I can’t hear the game. It isn’t quite as easy as adjusting your car radio.

Please have a little more compassion for those of us who pay to watch the games. This is something under your control.

All the best,

Geoff Fox

I’ll let you know if anything develops.

3 thoughts on “My MLB Beef”

  1. If you’re watching HD, and listening in 5.1, then the fine folks at MLB need to adjust the phasing in their audio systems. If that’s not it, mention the term ‘dialnorm’ to your favorite audio engineer, and see what response you get. It’s designed to fix this problem, but many cable systems simply ignore it.

  2. They’re probably not running through a processing chain like normal television since it’s on a webcast.

    Btw.. Are you getting comment spam from someone with an at abc dot com e-mail address as “posted by”?


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