New Trial For Julie Amaro

I turned on the noon news to see a live report from Norwich.

Julie Amero, a substitute teacher convicted after pornographic images appeared on a classroom computer, was granted a new trial today. Amero’s lawyer says there is new evidence casting doubt on her conviction.

Outside court Amero, 40, was simply relieved, relieved because Judge Hillary Strackbein granted her attorney’s motion for a new trial. William Dow, III says new evidence discovered by state police investigators after the trial discredits information presented in her trial.

I don’t know whether she is guilty or not, but this obscure story about a Connecticut substitute teacher became a major cause c

One thought on “New Trial For Julie Amaro”

  1. That this even got to trial is an absolute travesty. Now I don’t know all the facts but based on what I’ve read the State’s Attorney is either incompetent or a headline seeker. Anyone with an ounce of technical expertise should have been able to tell the state that this was not the teacher’s fault.

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