On Father’s Day

This was a great Father’s Day. Our little family is in an excellent place. We actually enjoy being with each other!

Oh, sure, laugh. If you’ve never had a teenage daughter, you just can’t understand. Maybe… just maybe, those trying days as the father of a teen are behind me. She is, after all, now 20.

Stef was on Long Island for a party last night, but came home bright and early this morning. I woke up and headed downstairs for cards and gifts.

This will sound like a lie. It is not. The cards were the best part – especially this year’s card from Steffie. It’s not that it was sentimental or sappy. It just reflected the nature of our relationship. That touched me deeply.

I wonder if she’s reached the age where she’ll understand sentiment trumps anything you can buy in a store?

“Father’s Day Man” had gotten the word early on and came through with a new lens for “Clicky.” It’s a Sigma 10-20mm. If you’re a non-camera type it’s the opposite of a telephoto – a wide lens.

Wide lenses have a very large field of view. They really good for capturing large things in small areas, like buildings in Manhattan or broad landscapes. I shot a few test pictures and was pleased. This lens will get a lot of use.

Steffie added to the camera theme with a Gorillapod. It is a tripod, a little under 10″ tall. The legs are a series of flexible joints that bend and rotate 360

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