What’s On TV At 3:15 AM

I was sitting in my office, playing on my computer, when Steffie walked in. It was 3:15. She, unfortunately, has inherited my nocturnal nature.

“Do you see what’s on TV,” she asked?

I followed her back into her playroom. E! was on and the programming was live. Paris had been released.

I asked her to look at “my channels,” and she tuned through Fox, CNN, Headline news and MSNBC. Two of the four were also in breathless, helicopter heavy, live coverage.

Reporters were speculating where Paris might end up should she take one freeway over another.

You don’t take a network that’s normally re-playing shows overnight and flip a switch to go live. They had to pre-position staff inside and out. That’s a hell of an undertaking at 3:15 AM.

If you’re looking for perspective in how important this story is considered, look at this from MediaBistro TVNewser.

Both Saturday and Sunday, HLN aired obsolete and outdated editions of Nancy Grace.

The shows covered “the search for Jessie Davis even though it was reported at 6pm EDT [Saturday] that her body had been found,” ICN says.

By Sunday, suspects were in custody. Still, HLN replayed the repeats, using a lower third to update viewers:

Unfortunately, CNN didn’t do that for Glenn Beck, whose show precedes and follows Grace’s.

This weekend it was too expensive, or difficult, to allow old news to be replaced by new news. Overnight last night it was not.

So, Paris is free at last. Personally, I think her career is over – though I was more sure of that opinion before this coverage.

2 thoughts on “What’s On TV At 3:15 AM”

  1. (sigh) I’m getting REAL tired of endlessly hearing news coverage about some brainless, spoiled, overexposed (in several ways) rich brat that has not done anything useful to deserve any publicity.

    I thank the assorted gods that my own children are not publicity vampires like Paris Hilton.

  2. “What’s On TV At 3:15 AM”

    Well.. Around here it’s…

    WISC (3): CBS New Up-to-the-Minute

    WMTV (15): NBC All-Nite (Jay Leno)

    WHA-TV (21): Off-air

    WKOW-TV (27): World News Now

    WMSN (47): Informercials

    WBUW (57): Infomercials

    I don’t have cable, if you didn’t guess. I also don’t have a DTV tuner, so I have no idea what MyMadisonTV runs that late at night.


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