Leaving Tracks On The Net

What have I said online that I’ll live to regret? Surely, there’s something hidden in this blog that was poorly thought out, xenophobic, irrational, elitist, sexist, ageist, racist or some other ‘ist’ I didn’t consider at the time.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s here… somewhere. With 2,421 entries (including this one) how could it not be?

I’ve written about the TV networks and cable news channels. I tried not to pull punches when I wrote. Maybe I should have? Maybe I’d like to work for one of them some day. Oops. Google really is a blessing and a curse!

Let me quote Jeff Jarvis quoting Thomas Friedman quoting Dov Seidman:

For young people, writes [Dov] Seidman, this means understanding that your reputation in life is going to get set in stone so much earlier. More and more of what you say or do or write will end up as a digital fingerprint that never gets erased. Our generation got to screw up and none of those screw-ups appeared on our first job r

One thought on “Leaving Tracks On The Net”

  1. if you’re worried about things you’ve written online but might live to regret, there’s one glaring one:

    you admit you like “Making News: Texas Style”


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