I Just Held An iPhone

My boss brought his iPhone to work today. I asked nicely and he handed it over.

Much of the phone was interestingly neat… and then we went on the web. In fact we loaded this very page.

Page loading, as you’ve probably heard, took a while (and the Flash video I have from Sunday’s entry isn’t supported and didn’t load). Amazingly, when the webpage filled the screen side-to-side, it was still quite readable! That’s a lot of content on a tiny screen. It was tack sharp.

I turned the iPhone on its side. The webpage went from portrait to landscape. Impressive.

I tried a ‘finger pinch.’ Seamlessly, the iPhone began to smoothly zoom in on the text. Then I flicked my finger on the screen and the iPhone scrolled through the page.

It was a real ‘wow’ experience. Sorry Microsoft. I know you used that word to describe Vista. This is really woweriffic.

There are still many serious shortfalls to the iPhone. There’s a lot it can’t do that software alone will not fix. It was still very impressive to hold.

He made me give it back.

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