Four Golden Years Ago Today

Today is the fourth anniversary of this blog. My first posting is dated July 4, 2003. The photo on the left accompanied it.

You can read that entry if you like. I’ll warn you, it’s pretty meaningless stuff.

The bad news is, these blog entries last forever. The good news is, these blog entries last forever.

There was a before there was a blog. I’ve owned the domain for nearly 10 years. It was a random collection of pages with little to tie it all together.

Since the blog began I’ve racked up 1.4 million page reads. That number stuns me.

This is my 2,432nd entry. That also stuns me.

You have commented 2,708 times. Another stunner.

I’ve missed a few days here and there, but mostly I’ve stayed disciplined enough to write at least once a day, often more. It’s weird because the rest of my life lacks any sense of discipline.

I have discovered how enjoyable writing can be. The real secret is, the first draft is not where the fun is. It’s only after rewriting that I get any satisfaction.

Much of my rewriting time is spent removing catch phrases and other bad habits. Most of the time, rewriting removes, rather than adds, words. My goal is to tighten up the prose.

All the entries are rewritten – every one. Some are rewritten and revised multiple times. I’ve punched up words and phrases months after the original entry was ‘published.’

I’m still disheartened that typos and poor grammar sneak through. Helaine and a few friends send me corrections all the time. They’re always welcome.

There are mistakes in the blog. Mostly, I leave them in, though I’ll often add a note to acknowledge my error. As a contemporaneous account of what’s going on, that seems to be my obligation.

Really good blogs have a purpose – one topic that ties it all together. By that definition, this is not a good blog. It’s only purpose is to state what’s on my mind.

Over time I’ve added photos and video. I wouldn’t doubt, at some future date, video will become a larger part of the blog’s flow. That seems to be the future of the Internet. Right now it’s a hassle.

It would be a shame to lose the elegance of the written word.

Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy being read.

4 thoughts on “Four Golden Years Ago Today”

  1. I only visit 2 personal blogs on a regular basis – yours and Christopher Moore (a best selling author –, both for the same reason – they’re well written. That I lump you in with this author is my compliment to you and your blog.

  2. I read several blogs daily but yours by far, is the one I enjoy most. It’s always interesting, personal and informative. Your photography is spectacular. Happy Anniversary! Evi/Danbury

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