The Polls Are Open

I’ll wait another day or so before tabulating yesterday’s responses.

A quick observation – I am surprised by the percentage from Connecticut. Breakouts I’ve seen in the past show more geographic diversity.

I’m now speculating, in-state readers go to the front page. Out-of-state readers are brought via search engines and go directly to inside pages. It’s just a guess.

2 thoughts on “The Polls Are Open”

  1. A third option: I’m in-state, but I never go to the front page b/c I keep up with the blog via a “Live Bookmark”, a.k.a. the RSS feed aggregator tool in Firefox. So whenever there’s a new posting, I see it and go directly to it.

  2. I’m also in that third option with Meredith. RSS to Yahoo! I don’t think I’ve acually seen the front page in over a year…

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