Back From Philadelphia

Yes, I want to write about Philadelphia – but not tonight. We did a lot. We had a fun time. I am bushed… much of that due to the six hour drive home!

We spent a few minutes home before going out for my birthday dinner. The destination was Guilford and “The Place.” I’m sure I’ve written about “The Place” before, but just in case you missed it, a brief synopsis:

“The Place” is a roofless restaurant. You eat under a string of bare bulbs atop of ‘floor’ of crushed clam shells. It is only open during the warm weather.

The menu is quite limited: clams, lobster, corn, steak, chicken – that’s about all. Most folks bring a little something from home to help round out their meal.

Most importantly, at “The Place” you sit on a tree stump out in the open and watch as your food is cooked over an open flame. The grills burn long slabs of oak.

Here are a few photos from dinner tonight. It was another excuse to try out the new 10-20mm lens.

One thought on “Back From Philadelphia”

  1. Hey Geoff,

    The Place is awesome. It’s actually owned in my family. I haven’t talked to the side of the family that owns it in quite a while and as far as I know it’s still owned by my grandfathers brothers nephew. Odd relation, but kind of cool none the less. There corn on the cob is so good…god I gotta go back soon lol

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