Performance Party

There’s this Dick Van Dyke episode where Rob and Laura invite the gang to their house… and everyone performs. Buddy brings his cello. Sally sings. Rob and Laura dance to Mountain Greenery.

I went to the real life equivalent of that party tonight. OK, everyone didn’t perform, but plenty did!

The back deck of the ‘party house’ was converted into a stage, with a sound system and lighting. In fact, that very deck carried the list of artists, written in chalk.

I can’t give you many details except to say, the evening was fun for me. I got to bring Helaine and Steffie and my folks. Luckily for everyone else, we were among the non-performers.

I know a lot of talented people. They can sing, dance and play instruments. Where have I gone wrong?

One thought on “Performance Party”

  1. I think I might know where you were last night … there are several such events regularly held in the area.

    There are few things more fun than experiencing live music in one’s own living room (or on one’s own back deck). I have been hosting living room concerts at my house since 1998.

    I’m not a musician myself, but my passion is live music so I surround myself with musicians. 🙂 Does thr trick, and I don’t have to take the time to practice. 😉

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