The Boot Gets The Boot

After six weeks, my fractured fibula has healed. This afternoon, I visited the orthopedist to get permission to stop wearing my boot.

Permission granted.

Helaine wanted to know if my leg was x-rayed? Nope. The doctor had me roll up my pant leg and began to squeeze!

Does this hurt? How about this? I pushed my foot hard against her hand. Then, she asked me to resist as she pulled it. I am totally pain free.

I brought my left shoe with me. I’m wearing it for the first time in a month and a half!

Where to go from here? This was brought on by my desire to run and get in shape. Running is out, at least for now. Beginning tomorrow I’ll be bike riding.

My doctor said to take it easy. Start with ten minutes. Work my way up from there. Stop if I feel pain. Can do.

I need to get in shape. I want to get in shape. The former is worthless without the latter.

3 thoughts on “The Boot Gets The Boot”

  1. Geoff, be sure you ride a bike that is properly fitted for you, that is very important!

    I reckon you live not too far from one of the best bike riding pathways you can find, the Hamden to Cheshire trail.


  2. Hey Big Brother,

    Have you thought about working with a professional trainer? That might be a good first step. A trainer will work with your entire musculature.

    Jeff and I have been working with one and see some progress. Also, he will not encourage you into a stress fracture!

  3. Sounds good and congratulations.

    Now what are you going to do about evening up the wear on that left shoe? Have you considered wearing a boot on the right foot for six weeks?

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