Back On My Bike

“It’s a thousand degrees outside,” Helaine warned me as I headed to the garage to top off the air in the tires on my bike. She’s worried I’ll overexert and injure myself.

Today is my day to return to physical exercise. My boot’s gone. I’ve been given permission to ease into biking.

The orthopod told me ten minutes to start. I suppose she’d be embarrassed if I went out and fractured my fibula again. I wouldn’t be too thrilled either.

At least in the short term, my biking will be very easy. No standing on the pedals to maintain speed. Lots of shifting to minimize my second-by-second effort.

I did my little circuit through the neighborhood twice. That’s about a mile, though the distance is inconsequential. There’s no pain. That’s the important note.

It’s definitely hot and sticky outside, but the wind rushing by counteracted all the wilting effects of the atmosphere.

Over the next few days I’ll stretch out the distance until I’m ready to ride the Farmington Canal Trail, a two minute drive from here. I could ride to the trail, but the local streets, winding and hilly, are just too dangerous.

I’m disappointed the 5K run I originally planned for is out. I’ll be thrilled if biking helps me get fit.

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