Bonds, Finally

I’ve got ESPN on. Barry Bonds just broke Aaron’s record. I’m not pleased, because I think he’s a cheat.

The good news is, it happened at a late hour. Few will see it live.

We’re also probably seen the last of Aaron’s video (which isn’t bad, except when those jerk kids run onto the field). It is a truly iconic piece of video.

Late in the game, right after showing a replay of Bonds’ shot, they ran an anti-drug PSA, which specifically vilified steroids. Probably happenstance, but it felt cheap.

MLB can’t have it both ways. I, however, can.

3 thoughts on “Bonds, Finally”

  1. No offense to you Geoff, but So What! This jerk will never usurp Aaron or The Babe. The Babe was the best, Aaron the classiest. Bonds is neither.

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