Twenty Four Hour Toe-ing

As I was getting ready for bed, picking up my mess in the family room, I slammed my foot into the sofa. Stef and Helaine were both asleep upstairs. I tried to hold the volume back on my stream of descriptive cursing.

I finished up and went to bed.

From time-to-time overnight I woke up and tried to bend my toe. I’m not sure how much bending was going on, but it sure hurt… and continues to hurt right now.

Let’s assume my toe’s broken. No sense in worrying. My understanding is, the usual treatment for a broken toe is benign neglect.

Old joke:

Patient: Doc, I think I’ve broken my toe. Is there anything I can do?

Doctor: Limp.

4 thoughts on “Twenty Four Hour Toe-ing”

  1. Geoff,

    I have done the same thing and yes, it did break my toe. Only thing you can do if it’s broken is a “buddy splint”. Tape the broken toe to the one next to it.

    Couldn’t wear a normal shoe for about 4 or 5 weeks.

    Good Luck.

  2. I smash my toes into the sides of our heavy dining room chairs all the time and yes, they do hurt for a couple of days, but mine were never broken. I hope the same is true in your case.

  3. Same foot you wore the boot on??? Try buddy taping toes and wear a supportive but comfy shoe for a few days. Keep covers off of it at night since the covers seem to hurt more! Evi

  4. You just aren’t having a good year, are you??? I dropped a cement block on my foot a few years ago and I think I broke a toe, but didn’t even bother to find out, since not much can be done, anyway. It took awhile, but eventually felt better. Hope yours is better soon!

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