About The Penguin, Again

The Linux mascot is Tux the Penguin. He’s become a joke in the Fox Family, with Helaine often reminding me how the penguin and I don’t get along.

I’ve got two penguin problems – one at home and another at work.

First I was forced to upgrade my homebuilt DVR – a MythTV installation which runs under Linux&#185. It was unavoidable. The company that was providing the TV listings stops doing so this weekend. The new group (a non-profit) that will fill the void isn’t supported by my installed system. Newer software fixes that.

I did everything I was supposed to do and ended up with a machine that was missing its web interface… the place where I program the DVR! When I fixed the web server, I found another non-working piece that was hidden by the first problem. Once I fix that, I’ll probably find more that’s busted.

At work I switched Linux versions as I moved to a faster computer. My intention was to reinstall the software that produces our tide tables intact. Right!

When run as a scheduled event (a cron job), tide tables are produced for a few cities, then nothing. If I run the program manually, no problem. Everything works fine.

Try and troubleshoot that one! I’m three hours in and no closer to a solution.

I’ll be working on both problems from home this weekend. We’ll see if the penguin and I can have a reconciliation. It’s doubtful. And yet, I’m such a dweeb at heart there’s no doubt I’ll continue installing Linux in the future.

&#185 – I really should explain what Linux is. It is an operating system for computers.

No help, right?

Linux, like Windows or OSX for Macs, is what connects the programs you run to the computer that runs them. An operating system creates standard methods for accomplishing tasks. It keeps progammers from having to reinvent the wheel with each new application.

Most Windows programs have similarities. The same goes for Macs and Linux machines. That’s because the programs you use and tying into ‘hooks’ built into the operating system.

3 thoughts on “About The Penguin, Again”

  1. I just ordered a boatload of parts from newegg to build my new MythTV box. I wonder how many people took this opportunity to build a whole new box? I’d bet that some of the big online stores saw at least a small surge in the purchase of tv tuner cards and such. I’m going with dual core AMD cpu, a pretty slick case that looks more “media center friendly”, 500 GB of Hard disk space, DVI to HDMI output, and adding an HDTV tuner card. This plus my existing 2 PVR-350’s should make for a nice machine.

    The fun part about mythtv is that my wife LOVES it. any geek project that I can get her on board with makes it so much easier to allocate funds and my time to it 😉

  2. Oh.. and as for your cron problem.. try running the program like this..

    instead of /usr/bin/tides (just guessing)

    make it sh /usr/bin/tides

    add the sh to the beginning of it to see if that makes a difference.

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