Loose Ends

I’m off to Florida this afternoon. First, another trip to get my glasses problem fixed, then a haircut.

I plan on checking no bags. Much of Helaine and my discussions last night centered on what can and cannot be brought on an airplane. My deodorant is 3&#188 oz. Anything over 3 oz is considered a lethal weapon by TSA&#185.

I’m taking it anyway. What a rebel.

The trip to Florida will take about five hours. That includes a 1:35 stopover in Baltimore. As I remember, they have pretty good WiFi coverage in the terminal.

Air travel may be cheaper than ever, but it’s not any faster. Even Southwest, who claims to not be a hub and spoke airline, shuttles a lot of people through Baltimore and Las Vegas, which sure seem like hub airports.

I have some tutorials for Javascript and PHP, two computer languages, I’m taking along. I plan on spending my travel time learning to better program. Last night my mom asked why I was doing that? Is it OK to say, I don’t know?

&#185 – Though written for effect, that statement is literally true. They don’t want me to bring any liquid or gel over 3oz because it might be used as a weapon of some sort!

2 thoughts on “Loose Ends”

  1. Good luck Geoff. A note about Wifi…I was pleasantly surpised how fast the wifi at Bradley is. As opposed to LAX which has NO wifi, at least not in the terminal where Southwest is. How can an airport not have wifi? Even if you have to pay for it. I also like the wifi at O’Hare.

  2. Going through with my mother in spades what you are going through – she had a stroke about a month ago. Three trips to NJ from AZ in the last 5 weeks.

    BTW, the TSA limit is actually 100ml, which converts to 3.4oz and they check against the 3.4oz so your 3.25oz will get through without you being a “rebel”.

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