Semi Private Room

This is a nice hospital, but it has one old touch, semi private rooms. I think, by and large, hospitals favor private rooms now.

I mention this, because I’m listening to a surgeon explain bypass surgery to the man in the next bed. It’s not a pleasant conversation. The flimsy curtain between us is not stopping the sound.

This man, like my dad, came in expecting an angiogram and nothing more. Now he’s going to have his chest cracked open. He’s been told to plan on taking 6-8 weeks off from work and that the procedure will leave him feeling as if he’s been hit by a truck!

Holy crap. I don’t want to have a surgeon have this conversation with me. I can’t imagine the emotions they’re feeling on the other side of the room.

4 thoughts on “Semi Private Room”

  1. Sorry to hear about your dad Geoff.On march 13th of this year while on a visit to Fla. to see my sister, I ended up in the hospital with a anginia attack, which left me with bypass surgery, I had a 6 bypass done, six weeks later I was able to make it home to ct, I still have 16 more sessions of cardiac rehab. I feel well now, the doctor said it took 70 years to get me, now I have another 70 to go. Never had any syimtons what so ever, I was going to the YMCA 4 OR 5 days a week nevere nothing. God speed to you dad.

  2. Geoff–you raise a good point….With all the privacy restrictions in medicine today, it’s amazing a surgeon can go in, pull a curtain and tell someone life changing information with others in the room…Semi privates really arent “HIPPA” compliant!! So glad to hear you dad is doing well…Evi/Danbury CT

  3. Glad your Dad is doing well Geoff. I am surprised that the doctors for your dad’s roommate would change the procedure at the last minute. My wife had a triple bypass last Oct. and it was clear after testing that nothing less than surgery would do.

    As for you, Geoff, hopefully you’ll never need to go thru this, but if you do be glad you live in Conn. The surgeons at Yale are world class and you couldn’t be in better hands.

  4. Geoff,

    What great news. Think about how much of a difference stents have made in people’s lives. Every once in a while we get some good “mazel”. Glad to hear it was your dad and your family.

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