21st Century Fox

Oh how times have changed! Here we are visiting my parents in Boynton Beach, and here’s the scene on the dining room table this morning.

Three of us. Three laptops.

This is either a sign of a very hip and techno savvy family or a sign we’ve just fallen off the deep end. Your choice.

3 thoughts on “21st Century Fox”

  1. Piffle.

    Only three? Just one per person?

    Last time we had visiting in-laws, there were 20 total PCs and laptops in the house.

    Normally there are at least 14 of them aroung here, and most of them are on line at one time or another. And we won’t talk about the 1/2 terabyte music server.

    We’ve long since gone off the deep end, and I’m apparantly trying to fill it up with compute hardware.

    My daughter’s #1 reason it is good to have a techno-nerd Daddy…

    The gadgets ALWAYS work right.

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