The Foxes Go To Sonic

This morning on Instant Messenger:

(11:23:59) Geoff: I’ll send you the sonic photo

(11:24:18) Stefanie: you should make a whole blog entry about sonic

(11:24:24) Stefanie: it will be the most popular one ever

Here it is!

As mentioned earlier, we went to Sonic yesterday. This was Stef’s doing and really does prove the persuasiveness of television advertising. Sonic has been seen on our TV, but unavailable locally for years. When given the opportunity, Stef couldn’t stay away.

Sonic is a fast food restaurant. If there’s a food difference between it and any other fast food joint, it would probably take more than one trip to know. I had a chicken wrap and the chicken was grilled, not fried. Score one for Sonic.

What sets Sonic apart is, it’s a drive-in. There’s a distinction here. I didn’t say drive-thru.

The servers bring your food to your car while riding on roller skates&#185. Shades of American Graffiti! I liked the idea that they each wore a coin changer on their hip. I haven’t seen one of those since bus drivers gave change (and I was taking buses).

With five of us in a Honda Accord, eating in a vehicle was out of the question. We moved to the patio. It was under cover, had fans above, but was still incredibly uncomfortable in the sweltering Florida steam.

We ordered while standing in front of the same kind of sign you might see at a drive-up window. The volume was low. It was difficult to understand. At one point I looked at Helaine, unsure if we’d properly communicated what we really wanted. I paid by dipping my credit card.

My guess is my parents, who live five minutes away, probably won’t be Sonic habitu

2 thoughts on “The Foxes Go To Sonic”

  1. I love Sonic drinks. The diet limeade is delicious. I am not so fond of the food but my son loves it. We have one about thirty five miles from me. My brother in law and brother when they came to visit me here in Nebraska had to make a pilgrimage to Sonic when they came to visit me. We had fun that day.

    Our Sonic also has a ‘Cruise Night’ which is great for looking at customized cars/cycles and classic autos. It’s very interesting. I hope I can take pictures of it next spring.

    Hope your dad is feeling better.

  2. Try a hazelnut “Java Chiller.” Wonderful, and the best thing Sonic has had since their birthday cake shakes a few years ago—fittingly, to celebrate their whatever anniversary. None of the servers in MS wear the roller skates, though.

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