Wow – What A Line

The security line at the airport was the longest I’ve ever seen. It went all the way through the terminal. Thankfully, it moved quickly and we’ll be on time.

We did feel a little fear of missing the flight.

(revised to add ‘security’)

5 thoughts on “Wow – What A Line”

  1. Geoff, are you talking about the security line or the check in line. I assumed you’re flying Southwest and checked in online. Also, if the check in line is so long, why not go outside to the skycap?

  2. Security line!

    We did check in online (I had boarding pass #1). We went inside to get baggage tags as the line for Skycaps was very long too.

    It’s a long holiday weekend, we’re told.

  3. Columbus Day weekend. Weatherman here predicting a little too much wind for devotees of tomorrows mass ascension at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

  4. Hmmmm…and I know how useful you think those security checks are.

    On another note, has Southwest started using their new boarding system?

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