A Morning Out

It’s three hours earlier here. We went to bed long before our normal time. That set us up to get out early.

Before heading to the car, I took this photo.

Quick question: What’s wrong with this picture?

Answer: Nothing.

Judy, here at the Desert Riviera, recommended “Manhattan in the Desert” for breakfast. It’s a short drive down Palm Canyon Dr.

As with most structures in Palm Springs the outside of MITD is a subdued Earth tone. That works, because the Sun is so bright in the dry air of the desert. Anything not subdued would just scream out and spoil the good karma.

Helaine had half a stack of blueberry pancakes. I had a full stack and proved, once and for all, I eat at twice the speed she does! I’m not proud of that. It’s just a fact.

We headed up South Palm Canyon onto the Agua Caliente Reservation and Indian Canyons. The canyons are a wilderness area with a series of trails. As we’ve seen in Las Vegas, there are often places reasonably untouched by humans, very close at hand.

Helaine remains adverse to twisting roads through mountainous areas. We headed up the twisting road through a mountainous area and into the parking lot. Awesome view. It seemed like the entire Coachella Valley was visible.

We took two relatively easy trails down into the canyons. It’s been a while since it rained, but there was a tiny trickle of running water in what I assume is a natural spring.

Palm trees sprouted near the feeble flow. If the dictionary is to be believed, this is an oasis. Cool.

We walked around, marveled at the scenery and headed home. There was one last stop before leaving. At one point, the canyon road narrows to one lane as it passes through a split rock. Honestly, as I first approached, I didn’t think the car would squeeze through!

The desert is beautiful. It really is.

One thought on “A Morning Out”

  1. Aqua caliente is a little gem.I also recommend going to The Living Desert if you have time.

    The Aqua Caliente casino is also fun. Try their Big Event Monopoly machine.

    It is a beautiful morning high atop the Bellagio Spa Tower. Too bad I have to start work soon.

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