Gametime With UCONN Football

Helaine and I spent a good part of the afternoon watching UCONN vs USF from Rentschler Field in East Hartford.

First, I wanted to see if my forecast verified. I’d spent a good deal of air time, both Thursday and Friday, giving a specific gametime forecast. That can be a setup for disaster.

Sorry to the folks in the stands, but I’m glad it poured.

Second, UCONN is now a nationally ranked college football team. That’s new.

In our 23 years in Connecticut, UCONN has served mainly as an easy week for other schools. The change came with Coach Randy Edsall and quarterback Dan Orlovsky (You can see him at Detroit Lions games, mainly carrying a clipboard). All of a sudden UCONN football means something.

“Name two players,” Helaine asked as the game began?

OK, I’m a front runner. I admit it. If UCONN was having another loser season, I wouldn’t be watching. In fact, this might be the first UCONN game I’ve watched from opening kickoff to final gun.

The coverage on ABC has been fine with one exception. The announcers are ‘awayers’… as opposed to homers. Any effective play by UCONN was greeted by surprise. It was only a matter of time before USF would take control – or so they implied.

Grrrr. It’s like listening to the TBS coverage of a Phillies/Braves game.

The game’s not over, and USF may yet win, but UCONN is ahead by a touchdown. A little impartiality might be nice. UCONN has played well and that deserves to be recognized.

And, as it turns out, UCONN wins!

2 thoughts on “Gametime With UCONN Football”

  1. i first started to take uconn seriously a few weeks ago, its great to see them do so well , dixon has been the key man at most games and dj transformed well from a q.b. to w.r , we have a tough schedule ahead but with the defense as good as it is and still under the radar we will continue to do well this year , the dream of a bcs is alive and well in ct.


    It’s been a long time coming but now CT is a legit team, capable of beating a team that was ranked #2 two weeks ago.

    Too bad ABC coverage doesn’t mean nationally. It wasn’t much fun watching the play by play on the computer in New Mexico but I did it.

    Very happy for the Huskies.

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