Whizzing For Dollars

I often hit the site DownloadSquad. It’s a good place to find interesting software to acquire.

Today, I found this entry under the title, “Looking for a few good geeks”:

If you’re software obsessed, motivated and, a whiz with english, Download Squad could have a spot for you on our team.

We’re looking for a few new faces to join the Squad. You’ll cover software like a blanket and, get exposure to a huge audience all while tracking down interviews and news from the big names in the business.

I couldn’t resist.

This person… this “whiz with english”… he/she would know English is capitalized and whiz is actually wiz – right?

I’m a frequent reader. Please don’t mistake this comment as a rip on the site. Or, to put it in your terms, I’m not whizzing on you.

Posted at 2:05PM on Nov 7th 2007 by Geoff Fox

I feel better now.

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