Mall Madness

I offered to accompany Helaine and Stef to the mall this afternoon. Here’s the deal – the mall is not for guys… at least not for guys like me.

As far as I could see, at our first stop (West Farms) there was only one store I wanted to spend any time in, the bookstore. Even then, the once sprawling computer section is now a single rack. So sad.

I popped in all the cell phone stores. Glad I didn’t wait for the Motorola Q9H. It’s too big.

I played around sending live video to my friend/fellow geek Harold and took lots of cellphone photos.

I only ran into one person I knew. It was Chuck, an engineer from the TV station. Chuck, his wife and stepdaughter were there with seven grandchildren. Seven… at the mall. Chuck deserves sainthood!

Oh – all seven were blond!

I’m not sure what Helaine and Stef do at the mall, but it obviously holds more attraction for them than me.

It was nice seeing the decorations and people with a mission. It was fun watching Chuck’s grandkids sit down for a photo with Santa.

If it wasn’t for the cold, I’d really enjoy the holiday season.

2 thoughts on “Mall Madness”

  1. Geoff, These are really good photos from a cell phone!!!! It’s always fun to read your blog entry when there are photos involved!! Evi, Danbury

  2. Geoff: Read the line under your picture. Isn’t the “at” in the wrong place? Do you put it in or is it automatic? I also agree that the quality of the pictures is great considering why were taken with a cell phone.


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