On Our Anniversary, We’re On The Radio

Today is Helaine and my 24th wedding anniversary. That was reason enough to head to Milford, and the WPLR studios to join Chaz and AJ on-the-air.

Actually, the story begins in September.

Helaine and I were driving to Long Island to catch a plane for Florida and my mom’s birthday. Chaz and AJ were on the radio talking about marriage and anniversaries. I picked up my phone and dialed their number.

A few seconds later I was on-the-air, schmoozing away. The conversation was good – in other words, they let me have my way, telling any story I wanted and dominating the conversation.

Hey, I admit it.

Finally, they asked how long I’d been married. I told them 24 years as of November 24th.

A millisecond later, Helaine’s voice bellowed from the seat next to me. “26th, a**hole.”

OK, that’s probably not a good mistake to make. I have no excuses. Guys mostly understand. Women mostly don’t.

It was with that conversation in mind that Chaz and AJ invited us on this morning. Jesse, the producer, arranged for us to be on from 8-9:00 AM.

Helaine was nervous. She’d never been on-the-air. The closer we came, the more she dreaded her decision. She did what she could to guarantee they’d like her. She baked!

Early this morning, in the rain and gloom, we headed out. I carried “Clicky,” my camera. Helaine carried two trays of baked goods.

Trust me – Helaine’s baked goods are irresistible. Her cakes and cookies could easily diffuse tensions in the Middle East. And two disk jockeys? Please, they were on their way to being putty in her hands!

We headed up to the studio a little before 8:00. Chaz and AJ use three studios. Chaz is in one, with Billy Winn. AJ is in another. Producer Jesse is in a third.

It took Helaine a few seconds, but she quickly warmed up to be on the radio. She was dynamite. We retold most of our ‘standard’ fare: How I resisted commitment. How we negotiated a wedding date. How all men are pond scum!

All the good stuff is about my shortcomings.

It’s tough to tell, but I think we were a success. And, I think the radio bug spread a little from me to Helaine.

In the past we’ve discussed what it might be like to do a husband/wife morning show on-the-air. This was our chance to see if it had any promise at all. It does.

That’s not to say we’ll ever really do it, but it’s fun to think about. It’s certainly something that could be done without hurting my ‘day job.’

When our hour ended, I asked if we could have an aircheck. That disk should be coming within the next few days and we’ll have a better chance to assess exactly how we did.

No matter what, it was a lot of fun. And, though it might not sound romantic in the abstract, being with Helaine… having a good time… made it a perfect part of our anniversary celebration.

Blogger’s note: Earlier today, some of the photos posted on the site might not have been visible. If you ever run into empty boxes or other things that don’t look Kosher, would you please let me know?

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  1. Loved Helaine’s comment to you about the “anniversary date”..( we wives can SO relate…) has she ever thought about contributing to your blog? Would love to hear her spin on things…Evi

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