I’m Not Flying This Plane

My folks should be in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic tonight. I have a cousin getting married there and they’re on their way for the wedding.

Of course nothing ever goes as smoothly as it should. The flight from Miami to Puerto Plata was canceled. I checked. It has run without fail for the last 61 days… OK, the last 60.

The pilot walked out of the cockpit and said, “I’m not flying this plane!” My dad says that’s a quote.

I have a rule. When the pilot doesn’t want to fly, you shouldn’t fly.

American says they’re on the same flight tomorrow. They have tickets and boarding passes. My dad wonders how they’re going to fit two days worth of passengers on one plane?

It’s possible this story isn’t over.

Oh – my folks are traveling with the parents of the groom. That plane had better take off!

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Flying This Plane”

  1. On one of my flights after a long ground delay for mechanical problems the pilot came on the PA and said “Sorry about the delay folks, but just remember, it’s better to be down here wishing you were up there than to be up there wishing you were down here!”

    That line has always stuck with me.


  2. My dear heavens. how scary, but I would request for future reference the same pilot, that will make me feel safe to fly with someone concenr about safety.

    By the way Happy aniversary (sorry it came late) I been busy with 2 fund-raisers for my kids schools, but I heard you at the morning show, Sadly Steven was at school he would have love to talk to you.

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