I’m not sure why, but I have a Facebook account. It’s done through my Mississippi State email address, which I still maintain.

I’ve never really done anything with the account. When one friend started sending his emails through it, I asked him to go back to ‘real’ email. It’s a pain.

My friend Sheri Lynch, the “Sheri” of radio’s Bob & Sheri, has 530 friends. I have 20.

There was a time you’d have to guess how much friendlier Sheri is than I am. Now it’s quantifiable. Sheri is 26.5 times friendlier!

My daughter has specifically asked I not ‘friend’ her. It’s a parental stalking thing. I get it.

As part of the Facebook process, I have to confirm friend requests, checking a box to explain how you know you. From now on, I’m just checking ‘we hooked up,’ regardless of who asks.

5 thoughts on “Facebook”

  1. I read this, and was all excited to add you to my Facebook friends, and then I saw that we would have “hooked up” – and so I have to wonder if being friends with you is worth “hooking up” with you. Hmmmm.

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