TV Behind Bars

Was there prison before there was MSNBC? During my most productive hours, MSNBC is often showing low budget documentaries of prison life.

Good God, I don’t want to go to prison.

Some of the people shown are beyond scary. One I saw tonight was just totally nuts. I’m not sure prison was the right place for him. But I can’t think of any other place either.

As I understand it, there is no wireless Internet in prison. They must still be dial-up.

3 thoughts on “TV Behind Bars”

  1. I vaguely remember a quote from Charles Manson after they told him a few years ago that his parole was rejected again. He said “I don’t want parole; I’m too busy working on my web site.”

    I’m hoping it was a local server only.

  2. As an industry guy, Geoff, what do you think happened here with MSNBC? Was this the Bill Gates-Jack Welch vision for an interactive news channel? I think they got off-track. Outside of Keith-O, Tucker and Hardball- and endless reruns of this prison stuff you reference and “To Catch a Predator: Behind the Scenes” ad nauseum- what’s the deal???

  3. To DAF – It’s expensive and difficult to produce good TV. Those two things are often overlooked in the planning stage. Remember, the goal isn’t maximum gross, it’s maximum net. So, it’s probable cheaply produced prison shows and rehashed Predator make more money than ‘better’ content.

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