I’ll Be Bushed For Christmas

We are still really short of people at work. It’s no one’s fault. I can deal with working a little extra from time-to-time. I am exhausted.

Last night I worked through 11:35 PM. Today, I was in for the noon news.

It is Christmas. The TV station carried NBA basketball all afternoon and much of the evening. I had lots of time between the noon show and 10:00 PM.

As is the tradition, we went to the movies (with Stef) and then had Chinese food! The restaurant was full of other ‘treeless’ people.

Today’s movie was Juno, from director Jason Reitman. This is a quirky movie with interesting production techniques. It’s the story of a 16 year old girl from Mankato, Minnesota who gets pregnant.

This is a dark comedy, artfully written with clever dialog. The words and thoughts may be too sophisticated for a 16 year old, but I bought into it anyway.

Ellen Page as Juno was perfectly cast.

This is not a movie for kids or a picture to be taken lightly. And, though the ending isn’t exactly storybook… and with the subject matter, how could it be… it was a very satisfying film.

3 thoughts on “I’ll Be Bushed For Christmas”

  1. Eh.. I worked tonight as well. Had to punch nearly back-to-back newscasts (9p for Fox, 10p for us) but hey, I didn’t have to work until 7p so I can’t complain too much. (Still wish the news people would have told me they were working all day, ’cause I’d of brought them dinner!)


  2. Well…I didn’t have to work yesterday, but we did the movie and Chinese thing. I think that’s what all “treeless” people like us do.

    Merry Chanukah as I like to say.

  3. I’m waiting for Juno to open here – I have read Diablo Cody’s blog for about two years (back when it was titled something that might get me censored here, P _ _ _ y Ranch) and it’s almost always entertaining. I have rooted for her since finding out she was writing the screenplay. Great how director Jason Reitman discovered her through that blog and suggested she try writing screenplays. I’ve read she’s certain to be nominated for an Oscar. No doubt the projects she’s working on now will be good, as well.

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