New Year’s Eve On TV

Helaine and I did some intensive TV watching, waiting for the ball to drop. Here are a few observations from the evening.

Does everyone now have a New Year’s Eve show from Times Square… and why? It looked like Fox News, CNN and CNBC were there for longform live shows. Is there that much demand for their … especially when ABC and MTV are also there?

With all the networks and their non-interlocking musical acts, are the bands actually amplified enough to hear or are their outdoor performances a sham for TV? Times Square isn’t big enough to have multiple musical acts performing at the same time without acoustic mayhem.

As it is, it looked like the acts were facing away from their audience. That shot works for TV, allowing a wide expanse of humanity to be on the screen. It’s not very appealing for the people watching in the cold.

Tila Tequila – what’s the deal? I have this fascination with Asian women, but I’m going to draw the line somewhere on this side of her.

At one point a musician picked her up. Dude – wash your hands.

Kid Rock looked like he was dressing to be a sideman in Funkadelic.

How did Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve get a pass from the Writer’s Guild? Dick Clark Productions is a member of the producers organization. This show was scripted. Other DCP shows, like the People’s Choice Awards, have been affected.

Poor Dick himself still sounds terrible and it is painful to watch. I know – that’s my problem. I’m probably wrong for being judgmental in this way.

It should be noted, Dick was able to keep up with the countdown numbers. A few years ago, he was not.

Every year Helaine asks why anyone would go to Times Square. I watch, half expecting to see some act of terrorism. How can it not be a ‘soft’ target?

Why does anyone go? Is anyone there over the age of 25?

As I got set to turn the TV off, I saw Anderson Cooper on CNN with Kathy Grifffin. That’s TVs new odd couple, right? I am sorry I missed them.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve On TV”

  1. While you and Helaine were watching Dick Clark, my wife Linda and I were enjoying our first totally “Dickless” New Year’s Eve at a supper club in Montclair, NJ, being entertained by none other than the elusive London Lee!

    He looks like he’s about 100 years old, but I suppose that’s the result of too many years on Florida golf courses. He did 2 great sets, recycling all of his ’70s vintage jokes with great timing and delivery.

    Like you, I was unable to find anything about London Lee on the internet, but the good thing is that, by Googling him, I did happen to find your blog. I’m also a huge Jean Shepherd fan, and used to listen to him every night from 10:15 – 11PM on New York’s WOR 710AM radio all during my adolescence in the ’60s.

    So Happy New Year, and Excelsior, You Fathead!

  2. My parents (both in their 50s) love going to Times Square for New Year’s Eve. It’s never had any appeal to me, but they love being where the action is. I guess the youngin’s need someone to guide theme?

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