Hello I Must Be Going

Sunny Los Angeles. It looks like it’s about to spend an extended period getting drenched. That can mean only one thing. I’m heading to L.A. I leave Saturday.

Why am I going? No real clue. It’s just away. It’s a place I enjoy.

I have some friends I want to see. Probably some photos to take too, if the weather cooperates.

One friend, who I’ll be staying with for a few days, has grown a beard and then removed it since the last time I saw him. He has asked for anonymity on the blog – which will be respected.

I’ll also be spending some time with my cousins in Orange County. I’ve never seen their house, near the retired El Toro Air Station, just inland from Laguna Beach.

Two more stops are planned, both with people I haven’t seen in decades.

Joel lives and works in Malibu. I knew him when we were both disk jockeys in Charlotte and Philadelphia. I have known him under three different names!

Dave, who I first met as I turned 18, is from Marin County, near San Francisco. He runs a business designing, installing and repairing recording studios. He has lived an interesting and exotic life, including lots of time exploring Asia. He and I were ticketed for jaywalking across from the Roosevelt Hotel.

Today, I was trying to think of how many times I’ve been to Los Angeles. Certainly a dozen. Probably closer to twenty. Though I once got lost and ended up driving Helaine and myself through some pretty sketchy neighborhoods, I know my ‘home turf’ of the Valley and West Side reasonably well.

I will be taking Clicky and enough electronic accouterments to choke a TSA agent.

No changing planes, but we are stopping in Chicago (MDW). January and Chicago. Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “Hello I Must Be Going”

  1. “I have known him under three different names!”

    Heh.. I have a friend like that. I’ve known him under 2 “radio” names..and his actual name!

  2. Enjoy your trip, Geoff … L.A. (specifically, Hollywood) is one of my favorite places to go. I hope to get back there in a month’s time.

    Re Clicky and its accoutrements, don’t forget the new TSA Security Theater rules about no lithium batteries in checked luggage … and limits on the amount you can take in your carry-on. (I pity the photographers who left for holiday vacation with their usual amount of gear and are now finding themselves screwed on their way home…)

  3. Have a great trip. Please send Joel my regards. I’ve only known him under two names! I saw him several years ago after not seeing him for almost 25 years – he hasn’t changed much!


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