I’m Back

As of a few moments ago, I’m back in Google’s index!

Unfortunately, for the time being, search results for my site still show the 26,000+ spammy pages that had been indexed. I am attempting to have them removed, using a standard robots.txt file. Whether that works or not is anyone’s guess.

My little hike through hell is over… It is over, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “I’m Back”

  1. You have most likely clicked on a link for one of the spammy pages. The page lives on in Google’s results, but it no longer exists. I have my 404 (page not found) error message set to redirect you to my homepage, instead of to an error message.

    Any sense?

  2. Yesterday, 358 page impressions via Google AdSense (which doesn’t count anything robotic which might be crawling my page without javascript). So far today 608… and today doesn’t end until 3:00 AM EST.

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