It’s Not Latin

For much of the morning, my blog featured this photo and a long string of “Latin” text. Oops.

I was testing out the “Blog this” function on Flickr. Rather than let the page sit blank, I added some “Lorem” passages… like these:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nulla sem odio, sodales in, gravida ut, tempor vitae, lectus. Proin ullamcorper dictum magna. Ut a lectus. Donec ornare volutpat augue. Nunc id justo vitae leo viverra commodo.

Lorem is used as a convenience by designers because it looks like English from a distance (the distribution of letters and spaces, etc.), but has no words that might distract, or throw off the design.

Anyway, I put it in and then forgot to take it out!

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