The Difference Between Men And Women

“Honey,” I called out as I walked down the upstairs hallway. “I’m coming downstairs and I’m not dressed.”

“Honey,” I called out as I walked down the upstairs hallway. “I’m coming downstairs and I’m not dressed.”

I’ve lost almost ten pounds on my diet and I wanted Helaine to judge whether there was a noticeable difference or not. When I walked into the family room, she looked at me like I was crazy.

Actually, it hasn’t yet been established I’m not.

“This is a blog entry,” she said. “This is where men and women are different.”

She doesn’t like having her picture published, so you probably don’t know what Helaine looks like. She is slim and very attractive. Calling her a babe is an accurate characterization.

“If I lost 50 pounds… If I looked like Heidi Klum” she continued, “I wouldn’t walk down here with my clothes off”

Maybe I should have just asked her if she could see the difference after I got dressed? Maybe I need a little more modesty?

Oh, as it turns out, she can see I’ve lost weight.

4 thoughts on “The Difference Between Men And Women”

  1. Having known Geoff and Helaine for over twenty years, I agree 100% with Geoff’s assessment of Helaine. She is a “Stone Babe”.


  2. Geoff,

    Given your affinity for pictures, and routinely showing some of the clearest and most detailed ones here on your blog, I suspect I speak for many when I say… thank you… for not including pictures this one time.

    No offense. 🙂

    Bob Hart

  3. There’s an old story about a woman, trying to spice up her marriage, who decides to try something new.

    Her husband comes home and in she walks, wearing nothing but Saran Wrap!

    He takes one look and says, “Leftovers again?”

  4. You forgot one part: I also said even if I was home alone, I wouldn’t walk downstairs naked, especially with the large expanse of glass at our front door.

    And I did add one more thing… All men are pigs! But I do love you!

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