Let The Time Lapse Begin

I have started to play with my camera and intervalometer. This is my first attempt, indoors in the TV studio (conditions outdoors weren’t conducive).

I still have a lot to learn, but this is a good first step. In other words, I didn’t cringe when I saw the result.

8 thoughts on “Let The Time Lapse Begin”

  1. Your camera needs an external shutter release connection and you need the ability to go manual on all other functions. So, if it can do that, yes.

  2. AWESOME! that’s EXACTLY what I would have suggested how you try out your new toy – in the studio. Good lighting, good sense of action. Can you tell us what lens and camera settings you used?

    Jocelyn gets leg cramps when she’s dehydrated, btw.

  3. I thought it was 10mm, but the EXIF file says I was zoomed at 18mm lens, iso200, f11, 1/2 second exposure every four seconds. There are around 1,100 shots. The video was assembled in Sony Vegas 8 Pro.

  4. Very cool! Do the camera people really just set up and walk away from the camera? I knew a lot got done in the production booth, but I thought they hung around the equipment.

    Looks neat to see the cameras ‘move by themselves’. I think you’re on to something here…

  5. That was awesome. I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy that. On a separate note, it’s been a while since I’ve been in a TV news studio- how long has chromakey been gone? Do you miss it? (I had no idea- I did a guest spot on a cable news show last year and the background was chromakey- they put a live shot of the local skyline in back of me. Looked like I was sitting on a hilltop.)

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