Today’s Favorite Spam

“Nucklear!” Sometimes this stuff is just priceless.

Today was spam cleaning day. Over 2,500 pieces from my mailbox were waiting in my junk folder. I like to look and make sure nothing valuable gets ditched.

As it turned out, only one message had been improperly marked!

I got this one at least three times (safely in my spam box). The originator was separately listed as the New York Post, AOL and Washington Post. The content and message subject were exactly the same in all three:

CNN, San Clemente, CA – Major Problems have been occured at San Clemente Nucklear Power Station – 20-year old circuit breaker fails to close, creating a 4,000-volt arc and fire. Possible radiation leaks on 100miles area. Evacuation process has been started – View updated video

“Nucklear!” Sometimes this stuff is just priceless.

That last line, “View updated video,” was the link to the ‘real’ spam. It was an encoded link, so the receiving website could easily know which email elicited the click.

Obviously, when you write in English, but it’s terribly broken English, your scam isn’t going to be terribly successful. However, this has the potential to be the 21st Century version of yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater.

I’m trying to figure out what this says about spamming? Has the ongoing battle against spammers diminished returns enough that techniques have been pushed to the edge?

It’s true, spam will only disappear when it’s no longer profitable.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Favorite Spam”

  1. “Obviously, when you write in English, but it’s terribly broken English, your scam isn’t going to be terribly successful.”

    Unless your scam involves becoming president.

  2. Interesting blog, I’m a first time visitor.

    I like Bob’s comment.

    If our local, state, and federal government cared about law enforcement the spamming would end fairly quickly. They shouldn’t be that hard to track.

    The sad fact is that our government is just a more sophisticated criminal.

    Criminals don’t care what other criminals do, unless there is turf encroachment.

    Without Civilian Oversight of Police, the courts, and government agencies, the abuse will only get worst and the US Constitution, further diluted.

    -Steven G. Erickson

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