Another Sparkler… With Baggage

Helaine and I operate in different time zones. She was already out this morning when I got up. I was on the front steps, getting the papers, when she drove home.

We took a few minutes and walked around the front yard, admiring nature’s colors. This is another in a two week long stretch of nearly perfect, sparkling weather. It’s difficult to believe there’s any place prettier than Connecticut today.

“It’s almost over,” she said.

I knew what she meant. She is beginning to count the days to the return of cold. It’s a sad thing to do – though I do it too. Nothing lasts. Nothing’s long enough. Certainly not the good weather. That’s why the desert seems so inviting.

We walked together, each dragging a trash can on its now immobile little wheels, to the curb. Our street must be first on the trashman’s routes, with our cans getting emptied before 5:00 AM!

Some of our first flowering bushes in our front yard have lost their flowers. There’s still more color to come elsewhere, but these early bloomers are finished.

I took a second to look up at some trees near the curb line. “We brought those in the back seat of the car,” Helaine reminded me.

They get in the way of Frank, who mows our lawn, but they’re full of memories for us.

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