Back On The Trail In The Cold

Almost immediately, I felt it in my legs. That wasn’t a good sign. My body had been taxed and one day off wasn’t undoing it.

I was back on the bike trail today. Yesterday was a day off.

Actually, I was on the trail twice today.

I knew it as chilly, but figured I could get away with shorts and a long sleeved t-shirt. It took around 20 feet to realize, I was going to be very uncomfortable.

I rode to the car, put the bike on the rack and headed home to change. I was back ten minutes later and quickly on the trail again, heading north.

Traffic on the trail is very weather dependent. Even on a Sunday afternoon, clouds and temps in the 50s kept the trail sparsely traveled.

Almost immediately after heading out, I felt the cumulative effects of pedaling in my legs. That isn’t a good sign. My body has been taxed starting this new exercise routine and one day off wasn’t enough.

I made the decision to ride through it, taking it easy, but trying to make at least the distance I’d covered last week.

In the end, I rode seven miles in 40 minutes. That’s one mile more than my last measured ride. I felt every inch. Back in the parking lot, I was a little light headed.

I carried my little i-gotu GPS tracker in a pocket today. It’s pretty cool and very easy to use (there’s only one button). I just wish there was an easy way to calculate my distance ridden. It can be done, but the method I use is a pain.

After downloading the data onto my laptop, and then uploading a small file, Google gladly spit out the map you see below. If you zoom in, you can see it’s really two paths – up and back (with some overlap).

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