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In my George Bush 41 with the grocery scanner moment, I went to my first JiffyLube.

I have a haircut appointment for tomorrow. I showed up today. Oops.

They took me anyway, though it makes me wonder why I keep a calendar if I don’t always check it.

PIC-0120As long as I was out and had a few minutes, I stopped to get my oil changed on the way back to work. In my George Bush 41 with the grocery scanner moment, I went to my first JiffyLube.

They were empty and knew who I was. That makes most experiences better. They could not have been nicer.

I found out synthetic oil is a lot more expensive than that stuff that comes directly from the ground. Also, from outward appearances, my engine doesn’t look like it’s been chugging along for nearly 10 years. And, if you ask nicely for your antifreeze to get topped off… it still doesn’t.

I’ll do that myself at home.

3 thoughts on “Out And About”

  1. Hi Geoff,

    Sorry I haven’t been around in a while.

    One thing I found recently, Jiffy Lube, in the past 2 or so years has over doubled the price of their oil changes. The last time I went, and they went up more than doubled their price, I backed out and went somewhere else. Just me.

    Synthetic oil IS better for a car, as it doesn’t break down like ordinary petroleum type oil. Also, you don’t have to change it as often.

    Most very good cars (Corvettes, BMW, Mercedes.. etc) all use Synthetic right from the factory.

    So, I hope you get a good deal at JL, as I find the one I go to, to be very out of the ball park in price.

    Did you end up putting Synthetic in your car?

    Have a good one,

    Dave Champagne

  2. My car is nearly 10 years old now, and as you mention, came with synthetic oil from the factory. At this point, continuing with the good stuff is an attempt to preserve my investment.

    It’s a very nice car… a little flashy. When you keep a car for 10 years, it ends up costing a whole lot less than buying a less durable/expensive car and ditching it after a few.

    If I remember correctly, the time between changes is scheduled at 10,000 miles.

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