Looking To Get Out And Shoot

I just posted this on dpreview.com, but I guess I might as well post it here too

I just posted this on dpreview.com, but I guess I might as well post it here too:

I’m looking for some advice from forum members.

I am interested in doing a photo workshop sometime in September. I’ve never gone to one before. I am a reasonably competent amateur. I’m still shooting an original 300D Digital Rebel (over 40,000 shots) and use mainly Sigma lenses.

I’d like to concentrate on shooting skills. I’m already pretty good with Photoshop, which I use on a regular basis at work.

I am looking to go somewhere beautiful, not worried about some hiking (I’m 57, work at a desk and reflect much of what that implies), and will fly anywhere Southwest goes, rent a car and drive where necessary.

I looked at a website for a Rocky Mountain National Park workshop run by Andy Cook & Bruce du Fresne. It seems to be along the lines of what I’m looking for, though it might be too short for my long trip. I don’t know.

Actually, that’s the operative phrase: I don’t know. So, any suggestions will be appreciated.

I’ll let you know what comes of this.

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  1. If you can manage the last week of August, here’s one in Maine:

    Photography: Award-winning photographers Harriet Sutherland and Dick Welch will be back for their 10th year with their popular workshop. Emphasis will be on improving your photography through creative techniques, composition, and technical knowledge. There will be field trips to local scenic areas. Participants will share their work and engage in friendly critiques. The class wraps up with a slide show of class members’ best work.


  2. Looks nice, but I’d rather wait until early September when the crowds thin out and it’s easier to get a clear shot.

  3. Been looking at photo workshops myself. The June issue of outdoor photographer has a article on workshop tours and a long list of websites at the end. been going through them and there is alot from price range and days covered and locations.

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