Video From My (TV) Childhood

I still have the green ski hat!

I still have the green ski hat!

10 thoughts on “Video From My (TV) Childhood”

  1. WOW..Geoff… I remember it all..the music, the staff…. that was a blast from the past.. My kids were much younger… I was much thinner…Ahh, good times! thanks for sharing! Evi, Danbury

  2. Oooh, fantastic. That theme (both aurally and visually) is pretty much burned into my mind. 🙂


  3. Wow, a blast from the past indeed … from my childhood, visiting my sister at Yale when I was wee. I’d totally forgotten about the theme music, but everything (and everyone) else came right back. Thanks for posting that!

  4. 1) Gary – that’s sick!

    2) Eric – WPVI, Channel 6 in Philly uses it to this day

    3) 1984 or early ’85. John wasn’t with us long. He does live forever as the TV anchor in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.”

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