An Important Day In The Fox Family

This is a pretty important day in the Fox Family.

This is a pretty important day in the Fox Family. Stef, home from college, has begun a summer internship.

I’m not sure if I am supposed to mention the company where she’ll be working, so I won’t. They’re big in their field nationally and have a sizeable presence in Connecticut. Just as important, it’s actually a job along the lines of what she wants to do when school is over. As a bonus, in Stef’s peer group it’s a well known company in a very hip and cool field.

Helaine and I are excited for her. This will be a different experience from her high school jobs, which she knew from day one were dead end work.

She will be 21 in a few weeks. A whole adult life is opening up before her eyes.

This day, May 21, is also important to me, because May 21, 1984 I first walked into Channel 8 as an employee. Yes, that’s a long time.

In much the same way my dad never thought about being 80 until he was 79, 24 years was never something I aimed for.

Longevity has its advantages. I have seniority over all the other on-air people. If I was looking for another job, 24 years might actually stand against me, but the point is probably moot.

There is a longevity sweet spot. I’m well past it.

I kidded with my boss today about my time here. If either of us had to guess who would be able to achieve this feat, I’d be well down the list.

Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t be on the list at all.

I didn’t tell him, but he is my 10th boss in New Haven!

3 thoughts on “An Important Day In The Fox Family”

  1. Geoff–

    As an avid watcher of Channel 8 since the days of Gail Janus (Thanks again for the name recall from last year) and Ken Vennit (sp?), I have truly enjoyed your long stay as our local weatherman. Congrats on 24 great years, with many more to come.

    As interesting as your blog is with the photography, travel, celebrity, and technology subjects, the stories about you and the connection you have with your family are the most enjoyable to read. Being very close with my family, and especially with my 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son, I can only hope that my job as a father is as respected and cherished as yours clearly is. Congrats to Stef on the job, and I hope you and the Mrs. enjoy the summer with her.

  2. I knew there was a reason I read your blog religiously – I just turned 27, so you’re pretty much the only weatherman I’ve ever known!

  3. Chris–at 19 Geoff is the only weatherman I’ve ever known, because my parents refused to watch anything but Channel 8, because in their words, the weatherpeople at 3 & 30 don’t know what they’re doing.

    Geoff, and now I think they miss your accuracy and flair down in South Carolina, because all my mother does is complain about how lousy the weather forecasts are there!

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