Happy Anniversary WPIX

There’s a special, scheduled for 9:00 PM, which I will be recording. But, there might be as much fun with the shows leading up to the special!

After the Phillies win, Helaine decided to watch the Mets/Padres game on WPIX (aka CW11). A few promos ran for next Saturday’s “WPIX 60th Anniversary” broadcast.

There’s a special, scheduled for 9:00 PM, which I will be recording. But, there might be as much fun with the shows leading up to the special!

12:00 PM – The Little Rascals

Teacher’s Pet (1930) Jackie plans practical jokes on his new teacher, Miss Crabtree. 30 mins

12:30 PM – The Little Rascals

Mail and Female (1937) Alfalfa is president of the He-Man Women Haters Club. 30 mins

01:00 PM – Abbott & Costello

Getting a Job Lou visits an employment agency. 30 mins

01:30 PM – Abbott & Costello

The Actors Home Bud and Lou perform “Who’s on First?” 30 mins

02:00 PM – The Three Stooges

Gents Without Cents The boys hit on vaudeville. 30 mins

02:30 PM – The Three Stooges

A-Plumbing We Will Go Plumber Stooges flood a garden party. 30 mins

03:00 PM – Superman

Crime Wave Public Enemy No.1 starts a crime wave. 30 mins

03:30 PM – Superman

The Perils of Superman A lead-masked man sets death traps for the reporters. 30 mins

04:00 PM – Get Smart

Mr. Big KAOS’ Mr. Big threatens to destroy all cities. 30 mins

04:30 PM – Get Smart

A Spy for a Spy KAOS plans to swap the chief for a missile-detector. 30 mins

05:00 PM – My Favorite Martian

My Favorite Martin A reporter pulls a Martian from a crashed spaceship. 30 mins

05:30 PM – My Favorite Martian

A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine and Peaches Martin is smitten with a striptease artist. 30 mins

06:00 PM – I Dream of Jeannie

The Lady in the Bottle An astronaut frees a 2000-year-old genie. 30 mins

06:30 PM – I Dream of Jeannie

Tomorrow Is Not Another Day Jeannie gives Tony the next day’s newspaper. 30 mins

07:00 PM – The Odd Couple

Password The roommates appear on “Password.” 30 mins

07:30 PM – The Odd Couple

My Strife in Court Felix and Oscar are charged with ticket scalping. 30 mins

08:00 PM – The Honeymooners

Better Living Through TV Ralph and Norton do a live TV commercial. 30 mins

08:30 PM – The Honeymooners

The $99,000 Answer Ralph tests his skill in a pop-music contest. 30 mins

I remember each and every one of these series and the individual episodes. Growing up, Channel 11 was the station for kids shows. Officer Joe, Captain Jack and Chuck McCann all hosted shows on WPIX.

Those days will never return.

7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary WPIX”

  1. Is this the New York station? I grew up in Queens in the early 80’s, and I remember watching channel 11 every day after school until my family moved to CT in `83. Great memories!!

  2. As a competitor of WPIX in the mid-80s to early 90s, I always found them to be formidable, creative, and always struck a cord and mirrored the wonderful life of New Yorkers,much the same way the New York Daily News, New York Post and 1010WINS have done in print and radio. ‘PIX has a storied legacy, which, all students of the business should study. The story of how a feisty independent station competed with 2 other independent stations (WNEW-TV & WOR-TV, now WNYW-TV and WWOR-TV) and the three network owned-and-operated stations, WABC-TV, WCBS-TV and WNBC-TV.

    Farrell Meisel

    former VP, Programming

    WOR-TV/WWOR-TV (1986 to 1992)

    Secaucus, NJ

    Geoff adds: WNYW, formerly WNEW-TV, began life as WABD, flagship of the DuMont Televsion Network.

  3. Geez, if I had known about that killer schedule before I left for the other side of the equator I would have recorded the whole thing. Guess I’ll have to wait for their 75th.

  4. How I would have loved to watch this special, but alas, Comcast removed WWOR-9 and WPIX-11 from our system a few years ago. (We’re on Branford’s Comcast, not New Haven’s).

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