Up The Mountain, Again

My pecs and abdomen are both sore.

Helaine asked if I wanted to walk Sleeping Giant again. Of course. It’s part of my new commitment.

“This is no walk in the park,” she said as we reached the halfway mark to the summit. But, of course, it is a walk in the park.

Though I’m supposed to resume my push ups tonight, I’m still too sore. They’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow evening. My pecs and abdomen are both sore. My pecs don’t seem to enter into walking, but I could feel my sore stomach muscles as I walked to the top. It wasn’t pain as much as it was a reminder.

I am surprised push ups have that much connection to my ‘core,’ the new hip way of referring to my gut. It’s an unexpected bonus.

Helaine and I are both surprised the mountain is still more than we can easily accomplish. Yes, we went to the top without stopping, but I was soaked in perspiration and huffing and puffing when I got there. As long as it’s a challenge, it provides benefit – right?

It’s a shame I can’t do push ups tonight. I really want to get that part of my training underway.

2 thoughts on “Up The Mountain, Again”

  1. Hi Geoff,

    Just wanted to let you know I like ur blog as I just located it on the WTNH web site in ur bio. You have as a good an outlook on life as I perceive, watching when I do. I’m a fan of you and the Channel 8 team. I thought ur blog entries were really good and to read. Have a great summer and everything else. ;

  2. Hi Bill –

    Thanks for posting. As you might imagine, this site is separate from WTNH.

    It never ceases to amaze me that people would care about what I write. I’m flattered.


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