The Push Ups Resume

Nearing the halfway point, Helaine asked me to look down again. Slithering away was a pale green snake.

My pecs are finally permitting. I’m doing push ups again. My goal is still 100 push ups with no set date to reach my goal.

I’ve gone back to the original starting point on the HundredPushUps site. I’ll work my way up from there. In fact, I might just do “Day 1” again before going on to heavier lifting.

In other fitness news, Helaine and I continue to walk Sleeping Giant. We were up again Tuesday and Wednesday after hitting it twice over the weekend.

PIC-0167_1On our way down Tuesday, I stopped to check out a stony lookout and snap the photo on the left.

Nearing the halfway point down we stumbled upon a light green snake, making its way across our path. We are not snake people. I went to pull out my cellphone/camera until Helaine asked if I was crazy. Probably a little.

We walk the trail all the time, yet it looks different every time! The way the sunlight plays through the thick stands of trees is never the same. Today the path was dry and dusty. Yesterday it was spongy with a bit of debris washed there by rain.

These Sleeping Giant walks have had quite an effect on me. Our time to the top is stuck at 28 minutes, but I’m a lot less fatigued when we get there. Though I’m not losing much weight, my clothes are a lot looser. I now look good enough to be the “BEFORE” picture in a BEFORE/AFTER sequence.

There’s still a very long way to go. This summer I am strangely motivated.

3 thoughts on “The Push Ups Resume”

  1. Hope the pecs “heal” quickly and you’re soon able to make progress on the push ups plan.

    Your walks sound tremendous although I must admit I’m not a snake person either!

    Good luck to you!


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